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Best online fundraising platforms for 2021

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

As an accountant specialising in small charities and having been the Treasurer for a newly formed charity myself, ‘Which online fundraising platform’ to use is definitely one of the most common issues I am asked for advice on, time & time again, by both non-profits and individuals.

Online fundraising platforms are an indispensable tool for charities as part of a Digital Fundraising strategy. This is apparent more so now, than ever before, in the midst of a global pandemic, where our social contact with one another is restricted, making it increasingly challenging to undertake more traditional face to face fundraising.

So, at the beginning of 2020 I decided to publish some of my analysis to make the job of choosing between the various platforms easier for small charities and save everyone reinventing the wheel, duplicating the same kind of analysis. This proved pretty popular and has led to further questions and discussions with charities about their different needs and priorities when choosing a platform, sparking lots of new ideas for me about how to extend and improve the analysis.

I have already updated the existing data for 2021 and added some new info. I am also planning to increase the number of providers included and I have some ideas for new features which, hopefully with Mr RockSalt’s help (he’s very techy!), will make the data even easier to compare.

Enough chat, here’s the brand new webpage….


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