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Tips for charities using PayPal

With no transaction or platform fees, the PayPal Giving Fund is a good option for charities to accept one-off donations. Here are a few tips to help you find your way round…

1. Know your PayPal Business account from your PayPal Giving Fund account!

Firstly your charity must set-up a PayPal Business account, before it can then apply for a PayPal Giving Fund account. Both accounts can be used to receive donations and but there are some subtle differences.

The log-in screens for the two accounts are also very similar, so it’s easy to mistake which account you’re logged into. If you can’t see the info you’re expecting, make sure you’ve logged into the right one!

2. Link your PayPal account to partner organisations such as Facebook

A number of partner organisations use the PPGF to make charitable donation payouts, so by registering once with the PPGF, not only can you receive one-off donations via PPGF, but you may also be able to start receiving donations from these too!

For example, use your PPGF account to receive donations raised through Facebook and any gift aid will also automatically be collected and paid over to your charity.

3. Accessing funds

On a monthly basis payments are made from the PPGF to the charity’s PayPal business account. Once in your PayPal business account, you can choose to leave the funds where they are or transfer them out to another account.

4. Finding out where donations came from…

The Dashboard on the PPGF account allows you to view

· total donations received by month and partner organisation

· pending donations by individual transaction.

simply by clicking on the headline totals shown on the left hand side of the screen.

The activity tab (shown along the top header) allows you to see more detail for donations received and can be filtered by date or partner organisation. You can download a CSV file for the latest donation payout or the data, with your chosen filters applied.

5. Set-up a ‘donate now’ button on the Charity's website.

While there isn’t any specific code for you to copy, it is possible to set up a link directly to your charity’s PPGF donation page, by creating a button for your website, directing visitors to the link, shown under Share on the left-hand side of the charity’s PPGF Dashboard.


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