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What's in a name?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

With the busyness of home-working and home-schooling during the Covid-19 lockdown I have not done a very good job of keeping my blog up & running…. Now with the school summer holidays upon us, it isn’t going to improve much as I try to work as little as possible over the holidays, to make the most of time with my kids while it’s still acceptable to hang out with me!

So I thought I’d try & at least get 1 more post written before September. As a break from work, this is a more personal post, with a bit of insight into how I think….

When people ask for my business contact details they can often look a bit blankly at me when I mention the name ‘RockSalt’.

So why ‘RockSalt’?

I like names that have meaning and convey positive characteristics or intention.

The choice of the name ‘RockSalt’ has, for me, several layers of meaning almost….

Bible verse Matthew 5:13-16 against background of sea & setting sun

Firstly.... when I was thinking about names, I wanted a name which reflected one of my favourite bible verses, Matthew 5 v13-16, where Jesus calls us to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. For me, these are verses to aspire to live my whole life by and in my business, I feel that the characteristics of salt & light reflect some really important characteristics that you want in your accountant, such as integrity, transparency, reliability and knowledge. Essential for a healthy business, just as salt & light are essential for a healthy life!

From this I started to think around & play about with the two words, salt & light…. And then ‘Rock’ also came to mind….

As you have by now gathered, my Christian faith is central to my life! Throughout the Bible, God is referred to as our ‘Rock’, so adding this into the name is, for me, an acknowledgement of God as the firm foundation on which my life is built!

At the same time I was also mulling over the meaning of mine & Pete’s names and if there was a way to weave those together, as our hope is that at some point the business will allow us to bring our work lives together. This is where, for me, the name RockSalt starts to take on ‘layers’ of meaning, as well as reflecting our faith, the name also reflects the two of us.

Coincidentally, Peter also means ‘Rock’!

To get from Jen to Salt is little more tenuous but it went something like this…. Jennifer (not that anybody uses that name for me, except government documents & my parents when they’re cross!) is derived from the name Guinevere, meaning ‘white wave’. This brought to mind the sea, which is obviously salt-water, hence…. the quite tenuous leap to myself, Jen, being the ‘salt’ in RockSalt!

Pete & Jen Daplyn in Salta, Argentina

Having settled on a name we liked, this brought to mind one of my favourite photos of Pete & I on a salt plain in Salta, Argentina, back in 2005. The photo became the starting point for our homepage and my inspiration for creating our logo, with the 2 triangles representing Pete & I sat back to back, as in the photo!

So there we have it…. RockSalt…, a name reflecting both our Christian faith and ourselves, Pete & Jen Daplyn.

Or maybe I just overthink things sometimes…. Lol!


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