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No Mow May

In our garden, we've been participating in No Mow May - a movement to keep grass long & the wildflowers in bloom to attract insect life.

In reality, with our kids a little older there's been less call for the garden as a football pitch or home-made assault course, so I've just been lazy & not mowed the grass. We've enjoyed the wild look & then heard that "No Mow May" was a thing, so jumped on that to excuse my tardiness.

With the bank holiday calling for some garden TLC (& assembling of the above-ground pool in anticipation of a scorching summer), I've done the minimum of mowing to give us some space to sit & enjoy.

No Mow May seems to have worked though, as I soon had a handful of bumble bees searching for their hole - the mower clearly removed whatever distinguishing features the bees were using to find it!

Thankfully, one of the bees stumbled across the hole & the rest soon followed the lucky-strike and disappeared below ground.

As usual, my thoughts turned to orienteering and the occasional sight of a forest full of orienteers searching around for a misplaced control, until one lucky navigator stumbles across it & everyone else swarms to the discovered location! Seeing the bees exhibit the same behaviour made me chuckle!

So for the lazy gardener, I thoroughly endorse not bothering to mow your grass... leave it long enough and you may even be able to use you own garden for a bit of navigation practice.


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