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2023 Guide to the Best Fundraising Platforms for Charities

Our new 2023 Guide to the Best Fundraising Platforms for Charities is now live on our website!

This year we have decided to refresh the format, producing a Guide with comparisons of 30 of the leading fundraising platforms, for you to download and use within your organisation.

As a minimum, we would recommend doing an annual audit of the fundraising tools your organisation uses to identify if they are still the best fit for your charity. Fundraising platforms can change their fees and functionality, new providers do enter the market and unfortunately some existing providers find they cannot maintain their services at the level of fees charged.

There have been a number of movements in our list this year, with a couple of platforms closing, some revising their fees and we have added a further 7 platforms to our comparison, to bring it up to 30 in total.

Our analysis has been freely available on the website for the last 3 years and we know a lot of people have accessed it and found it useful. We take a lot of care to ensure the data is accurate and up-to-date so this year we have introduced a £10.00 charge to download the report, covering our expenses and allowing us to keep providing the analysis, all together in one handy guide!


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