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Stepping into something new….!

Updated: May 18, 2023

Anyone who spends even a short amount of time in conversation with me quickly works out that I love working with the charitable sector. As an accountant I started my career in the NHS and now specialise in working with charities. I am passionate about enabling people to understand how money can be put to best use to maximize the benefit it has for a charity or individual in need.

I do find myself repeatedly gravitating towards voluntary roles & I just can’t help myself when there is something I am very passionate about, even though it doesn’t pay the bills & grow my business. This doesn’t mean I’m putting RockSalt down, just adding other things into the mix to juggle….! Thankfully I also have a very supportive and understanding husband!

This Sunday, 25th September 2022, I was delighted to be at all 4 church services at St Peter’s Church, Farnborough to share news of the church’s new partnership with a fantastic charity called Acts 435 and my new voluntary role as Acts 435 advocate at St Peter’s. It has taken us about 3 years to get to this point and we are so excited to be partnering with Acts 435, to enable us to bring help and support to people in our local community, who are struggling financially.

Acts 435 is a national online charity that gives donors the opportunity to connect with people who are in need of help. Acts 435 will enable us at St Peter’s, Farnborough, and other participating churches and local charities, to post requests for specific needs onto their website, such as replacing a broken cooker for a family struggling financially or equipping someone with interview clothes to help get a job. Individuals can then go online and donate any amount to purchase the specific items that will help people in difficult circumstances, and help to bridge the gap of financial crisis.

It is such a simple and effective model, working through regulated churches and charities to connect donors directly with people in need. The organisation and administration of Acts 435 is funded entirely by Gift Aid reclaimed on applicable donations, so 100% of donations go to people in need and the charity has helped over 39,000 people nationwide since it launched in 2009.

I would highly recommend checking out their website to get a better feel for what they do!

To find out more about Acts435 at St Peter’s, Farnborough you can email me at


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